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Junior & Youth Tennis Clinics in Las Vegas, NV

We are officially back on our spring tennis clinics schedule. Please do not just show up to a clinic. We do require an evaluation lesson first.

At McNamara Tennis, we offer a range of junior clinics in Las Vegas, NV designed specifically for younger players, within a spectrum of skill levels, from beginner to advanced, to competitive.

As one of the premiere tennis instructors in Henderson, Summerlin and Las Vegas, NV with 6 years of teaching experience and 20 years of experience playing and competing, I am always excited and eager to help train the next generation of competitive tennis players with kids tennis sessions, kids tennis clinics, junior tennis lessons, and more.

Ultimately, our clinics focus on establishing good tennis and athletic habits and emphasize long-term, foundational strength in tennis technique, mental prowess, and physical fitness. Students in the junior tennis clinic will find their skills improving through participation in various activities and drills that force them to use their brains as well as their bodies in order to perform smart plays with imagination, agility, coordination, and speed.

Practice is the fundamental aspect of any skill, thus my junior tennis sessions are a perfect opportunity for younger players of all levels to use and become comfortable with their skills, to learn new skills, to stay fit, improve stamina, and, ultimately, to learn to love the game and to have fun with it.

Together, students in the junior clinics will experience the same level of instruction that we provide in our adult clinics. We utilize video footage to help young players establish proper stroke forms, to increase consistency in their stroke forms, and to illustrate a player’s ability to anticipate his or her opponent and key strategic moments that dictate the choices a smart, formidable tennis player should make.

Knowing how to assess an opponent, how to choose a specific shot type in a specific scenario, or how to maintain dominance of the court in high-pressure situations are essential skills that all junior tennis players should start to establish early on.

We are officially back on summer schedule:

Mondays: Orange-Yellow 6-8pm

Tuesdays: Orange-Yellow 6-8pm

Wednesdays: Form Clinic: All levels 5:30-7pm

Thursdays: Orange-Yellow 6-8pm

Fridays: Orange-Yellow 6-8pm

Saturdays: All levels including adults 9-11am

Red Ball

Mondays 8-9am

Wednesdays 7-8pm

Saturdays 8-9am

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