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The 4 steps to hitting the ball like the pros. Add Video

4 steps to hitting the ball like the pros. All of these have to do with your CONTACT POINT.

1. The most important thing you can ever do in tennis is to contact the ball out in front. Notice how Roger Federer is making contact with the ball out in front of his shoes. You always want to throw your hand (not arm) forward and then all the way up. This only gives power. Very important that you never use your hand to try and guide the ball. When we want to guide or control the ball more that is done with our wrist. Which takes us to the next step.

2. Blade out in front of the handle. When Roger is contacting the ball you will see that the blade of the racquet is out in front of the handle. This is generated by our wrist and gives us spin. It is very important that you start using your wrist right before you make contact. Flick the blade of the racquet 270 degrees (3/4th turn). This is where we will control (feel) the ball.

3. Hit the ball at the top of the racquet. The sweet spot of the racquet actually isn't in the dead center. You want to contact the ball 1 ball length(about 2 inches) above the dead center. When we contact a little bit closer to the blade we are getting faster acceleration for spin and power.

4. Racquet face closed. Always notice how his racquet face is pointed towards the groud. This allows for topspin on the ball. Topspin allows us to hit the ball with more authority. 

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